A New Play from Award-Winning Writer, Nathan Scott Dunn

It’s lonely at the top, especially at the top of Scotland.
Set in the small Town of Ellon, Aberdeenshire, join Fraser Patterson
as he wrestles with his mind and body in his struggle with playing the bit-part role of The Big Guy.
Brutal playground initiation evolves into real-world tribulation in a society riddled with stigma and prejudice.

From Saltire Sky, the Offie and Broadway Baby Bobby Award-winning company,
MANikin provides an honest interrogation of society’s views on obesity and body image,
seeking how these issues arise, escalate and become life threatening.

The Cast

Josh Brock – Fraser Patterson




Josh Brock is a 26 year old actor based in Edinburgh, and co founder of Saltire Sky Theatre.
Graduating from Performing Arts Studio Scotland in 2015.
Previous theatre credits include; A View From The Boundary, As If By Magic and 1902.