A play 114 years in the making


Written by award winning writer Nathan Scott Dunn “1902” is an immersive production that delves into the world of Scottish football. It tells the story of Hibernian FC’s heroic victory in the 2016 Scottish Cup Final following a 114 year wait through the eyes of four young supporters. This gang of misfits, led by the charismatic Derek “Deeks” Longstaff, spend their days in the doom and gloom of their local pub The Dug and Duck contemplating their unhappy existence. but, through some miracle, Hibs have made it to the Scottish Cup Final and the boys will do whatever it takes to be there to see them lift the cup, even if it means biting off more than they can chew by borrowing money from local loan-shark, Craig Turnbull. When Deeks’ estranged brother is the only one left to help the boys we discover the men behind the bravado in a tale of family, friendship and passion for their team.



“1902” sheds light on the dark side of football, telling real stories about real people. This tale of pride, woe, defeat and victory reaches out to anyone who has dared to dream. Set in a country riddled by failure in the sporting department, “1902” highlights the eternal hope that continues to radiate throughout Scotland, affecting sports fans and all aspects of life. This play takes an access all areas approach to working class life in Scotland, highlighting issues like gang culture, class division, family duty, male camaraderie and mental health making it extremely topical and hugely relatable in the current climate.


My Theatre Mates


I can safely say this had to be one of the most powerful performances I have ever watched

Irvine Welsh

Writer, Trainspotting

Can’t recommend this great show highly enough. You don’t have to know anything about football to enjoy it…great acting, writing and directing

Broadway Baby


A masterclass in visceral theatre

Nathan Scott-Dunn
Writer / Director

The Cast

Bailey Newsome
Derek ”Deeks’ Longstaff

Jonny Tulloch
Craig Turnbull

Sands Stirling
Anthony ‘Tony’ Longstaff

Ella Stokes
Margaret ‘Mags’ Evesham

Josh Brock
Frank ‘Frankie’ Armstrong

Alexander Arran-Cowan
Samuel ‘Sambo’ Donaldson

Kieren Lee-Hamilton
Thomas ‘Zippy’ Collins

Alexander Bain
The Musician