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“Can’t recommend this great show highly enough. You don’t have to know anything about football to enjoy it. Great acting, writing and directing.”

Irvine Welsh, Scottish Playwright (Trainspotting)

It’s 2016. Hibernian F.C. haven’t won the Scottish Cup since 1902. Now, four guys in their early twenties would do anything to see the final against the Rangers…

Upcoming performances

Venue: Cockpit Theatre
September 22-24th
19:30pm & Additional 14:00pm on the 24th
Venue: Crescent Theatre
September 27-28th
Venue: 53Two
October 4-5th

A new piece of writing for 2022 by the multi award-winning Saltire Sky (’s Bobby Award Winner 2021).

Everybody takes drugs. Matty didn’t take them seriously. Follow the exploits of Tommy, Matty and Dougie as they look to ditch the day job for the disco. Bits N’ Pieces highlights the dangers of drug stigma and misinformation in a modern society. The play takes an access-all-areas approach to working-class life and what it’s like to come of age at the height of Scotland’s drug crisis. Temptation, tunes and terror from every angle in this assault on the senses.

Upcoming performances